PRELIMINARY SCREENING Record the applicant’s performance of the pieces Group (1) and (2) below on a video.
The recorded videos must be submitted separately (1) and (2).
(1) E. Köhler: 30 Virtuosen Etüden Op.75 No.11 (Fis-Dur)
(2) F. Kuhlau: 6 Divertissements, Op.68 No.6 (cis-moll)
To perform without accompaniment.
*Please refer to “2-5. Video Recording Requirements” before recording.

Perform one piece from each Group (1) and (2).

(1) J. S. Bach: Sonata h-moll BWV1030
The third movement should not be repeated.

(2) Choose one from a) or b)
a) K. J. Andersen: Concertstück Op.3
Perform the parts listed below:

  • Bar 42(letter B) to bar 178(27 bars after letter H)
  • Bar 211(letter I) to bar 269(8 bars before letter M)
  • Bar 311(4 bars before letter P) to the end.
*Do not play the cadenza(from Letter N)
*Contestants can take some time between the performance parts or continue playing without interruption.

b) S. Karg-Elert: Sonate B-dur Op.121


Perform one piece from each Group (1), (2), and (3).
Duration of total performance must be less than 35 minutes.

(1)Choose one from a) to c). a) H. Büsser: Andalucia Op.86
b) P. Gaubert: Sonatine;Quasi Fantasia
c) R. Muczynski: Moments, Op.47

(2) Choose one from a) to c).

a) J. Demersseman: Grande Fantaisie de concert sur “Obéron” de Weber Op. 52
b) A. B. Fürstenau: Fantasie über “Norma” Op.133
c) P. Taffanel: Fantaisie sur “Le Freyschutz”

(3) J. Ibert:Pièce

Perform the pieces Group (1) and (2).
(1) W. A. Mozart: Konzert D-dur K.314
Perform from memory and without a conductor. Cadenza must be your own composition.
(2) Unaccompanied pieces of 10 minutes or less composed after 1985, limited to works published as of April 2024.
Contestants can only use the flute; other instruments such as piccolo, alto flute, or bass flute are not allowed. No microphones, amplifiers, or the like are permitted.
  • Edition of sheet music used is not specified. Repetition is arbitrary. However, performance time for each round must be strictly adhered to. The contestant may perform chosen pieces in any order, in each round.
  • The titles of the chosen pieces must be filled in the relevant section of the application form. Group (2) of the Final Round, PDF file of the sheet music must be submitted at the time of application.
  • Please refer to “Video Recording Requirements for the Preliminary Screening” in the Rules and Conditions. to prepare for the Preliminary Screening.